Austin has spent years training in stage and screen combat. Taught by some of the best around, RC-ANNIE, Austin excelled in fighting form, weapons, unarmed and fight acting. He has been working professionally as a trained actor & fight actor for many years working on both stage and screen. He has trained in a myriad of weapons and skills from broadsword, foil, cloak and dagger, handgun, unarmed, found objects, staff, small sword, fight flight and mob fighting.

Austin trained and worked with some of the best aerial companies and performers in the world:  

- Greg Curtis, Merlin Freeman, Carmen Tausend-Curtis & Abby Freeman of AiRealistic, Simone Jenkinson & Claire Elliot of De La Guarda, Gwyneth Larsen & William Mulholland of Fuerzabruta. As well as stunt companies iD Action, Stunt 360, The European Stunt school, Grosshooper, Ran Author Braun, Rueben Mosley

Austin is also a Movement Choreographer and Director in his own right, finishing his 4th year as an Fight Director at the Royal Opera House. As well as choreographing for some of the biggest houses in the world, ROH, The Globe, Opera North, Glyndbourne, Bregenz Festpiel. While also Aerial Choreographer for some very big upcoming movies, Orlando Blooms new feature 'Romans', 'iBoy' with Rory Keneer & 'Offbeat' directed by Arnos Salters (Netflix Production). Austin also has a London based theatre company, Universal Citizens,

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